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Epic MegaJam 2022 Submission "As Above, So Below"
Team: supr srs dev
Members: Grant Stranaghan, Conor Stewart

Type the spell words to summon evil creatures and assault the city. 
P.S. You can use spacebar instead of apostrophe for spell names!

Marketplace / External content used:
1.  Grass  material for the landscape
2.  Purple vortex vfx
3.  Small fire vfx near city walls only
4.  Purple swirly magic VFX and accompanying white sparkles
5.  Stencil image on the bottom of pages as PNG
6.  All audio
7.  All wall materials and floor materials are megascans or engine content
8.  All fonts
9. Spellcast 1 hand, Spellcast 2 hand Idle, dance animations


suprsrsdev_ArbaKadarba.7z 699 MB

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